We offer services for both hoteliers and technology companies wishing to sell to the hotel industry.

For the Hotelier:

With over thirty-five years of marketing and general operational expertise, we are pleased to offer the following services to hoteliers and property owners/operators:

Marketing Plan Review: As a general manager or owner/operator, your experience set tends to be  in operations or finance. Let me assist you in evaluating your marketing program: Are expenditures appropriate for the circumstances? Are you getting the appropriate return for your marketing investment? Is your marketplace positioning effective? These are just some of the issues that can be addressed through an unbiased, independent and experienced approach.

VP/Director of Marketing Evaluation and Search: One of the most pivotal, yet least-understood members of your planning committee is your Vice-President or Director of Marketing. A great DoM is often the critical catalyst that drives your business to the next level. Yet, how do you know if your current DoM, or the DoM you are looking to hire is the right candidate for the job? Let us help you with your evaluation, or work with you and your HR department on the search.

Marketing Plan Development: Need a fresh look at your marketing plan? Want new ideas that have proven themselves in past programs? Want to integrate the latest electronic communications elements into your marketing mix? We can work either solo, or with your in-house marketing team to build a comprehensive marketing plan designed to take your property to the next level. Alternately, we can confidentially evaluate the marketing program submitted to you (as GM or owner).

Internet, Advertising and PR Agency Evaluation: How do you know if your communications team is delivering the best they can? And, how do you know if what they offer is sufficient to meet your needs, or if it is priced competitively? We can work with your Director of Marketing to provide an evaluation of their respective strengths and opportunities.

Advertising Agency Search: How do you improve your search for a new advertising agency? What are the criteria for their selection? Who forms the short list for agency presentations? Is it fair to ask for speculative work, and if so, what are the legal ramifications? Who checks prospective agency credentials? Importantly, how do you adequately evaluate their presentations to you, based upon your own personal experiences, where the number of times you have had the opportunity to perform this task is limited. Let us act as your consultant and personal coach in this process.

Brainstorming Sessions: Want to conduct a session with your planning committee, to generate new ideas and expand upon business opportunities? We will lead or participate in brainstorming sessions designed to help your business break away from its current operations and marketing plan. This can include new products, product segmentation, business acquisition, customer acquisition, or new initiatives.

Acting Director of Marketing: Are you in a pinch? Has a sudden illness, or unanticipated departure left the DofM position vacant in your property or group? Let us fill in. We can serve on-site on a temporary basis, allowing you to manage operations without having to wear the additional hat of the DofM.

General Consulting Services: Contract with me for on-going support. Terms can be arranged on a fixed monthly or hourly rate. We can be available on a regular basis to assist with answers to questions that arise on a day-to-day basis.

Property Evaluations: How does your property stand up relative to its star rating? How does it compare to other properties in a similar price range? How will the property “rank” in a AAA, Forbes, or in an association entry (LHW, PHRW, SLH, R&C) examination? Our experience level in working and staying with a broad range of properties at most every level provides a realistic, independent evaluation.

Social Media Planning: Social media programming is a critical component of your marketing mix. There are numerous options for you to consider. Let us show you how to “zero-base” budget your social media activities, OR address issues that you may be considering.

Modelling Programs: Learn from  your existing past-customer data and capitalize upon this knowledge. Modelling data allows you to take advantage of computer simulations to refine the best potential candidates for direct mail campaigns. Ten years ago, these programs were expensive, and only available to the largest properties or chains.Today, this work is both cost effective and easily executed.

Mystery Shopper Programs: Want to test your current sales team and/or reservations team? Let us shop your property and see how they handle room and group requests in comparison with your key competitors.


For the Technology Supplier:

In addition, we offer the following hospitality services to technology firms wishing to market their solutions to the hospitality industry:

An Introduction to Hospitality: A presentation and review of how the hospitality industry works. This presentation, or discussion, allows the technologist to understand the workings of the industry, the key terms and abbreviations, how hotels see themselves and measure their performance. It also outlines some of the integration challenges that may be encountered.

Marketplace Analysis: An in-depth look at the product offering and how it may work within the hospitality industry. This analysis includes positioning and an examination of key differentials versus other technologies offered that deliver similar characteristics.

Content Strategies and Development: A review of the content that the technology solution provides, and how we can add critical content (such as blogs, white papers and feature articles) that will raise targeted awareness.

Website Evaluation: A review of the technology’s website and how it can be strategically optimized to focus the text and structure to the hospitality industry.

Lead Generation: We have a wealth of contacts within the industry, and can help the technology supplier find the right individuals to examine the solution and consider applications.