LMA_3D_Book03Hotel Llama: Essays in Hotel Marketing & Management

The hotel world is evolving. The proliferation of new mobile technologies, online travel agencies, social media and third-party review websites represent four great disruptors for any hotelier’s business. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Customer behavior is changing too rapidly for traditional hospitality marketing and operations textbooks to keep up. The modern traveler is highly intelligent and incredibly discerning when it comes to hotel purchases. In order to understand this consumer revolution, you must arm yourself with the latest resources.

Enter Hotel Llama, the third book in the series written to give hoteliers the best tools in their arsenal to prosper in these changing times. This is not an introductory textbook on the hospitality industry, but rather a compilation of selected topics that highlight both modern success stories as well as the blunders to avoid.

This book will strengthen your management skills by explaining many of the sales, marketing, branding, technological and psychological principles at work behind such contemporary facets of hotel operations as proper website design, channel distribution and emerging technology applications in addition to the more traditional aspects like onsite amenities, guestroom features, F&B, housekeeping and the front desk.

Above all, it is stressed that the success of a property – even with all that has changed in recent years – nonetheless depends on the relationship a hotel fosters with its guests. This is the hotelier’s guidebook that recognizes future developments while celebrating the past.

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Book Reviews

If you are looking for timeless truths, counterintuitive insights and grounded wisdom, this book is for you. It’s filled with great examples, interviews with key executives and sound advice to win in the increasingly cluttered hospitality marketplace.
Dr. Chekitan Dev, Professor of Hotel Marketing and Branding, Cornell University

This book offers a clear roadmap to attracting tomorrow’s most coveted hotel guest – the millennial. Many new and critical concepts and terms are also introduced such as guest mentoring and little data. The guidance presented here, both theoretical and practical, will drive success from the top line to the bottom in what has to be Larry’s best book yet!
Fred Grapstein, Senior Vice President, Vornado Real Estate

Finally there’s someone addressing the issues Larry covers in this terrific collection. But what is best is his ineffable ability to break down concepts into distinct, easy-to-implement ideas. This book will make career-minded professionals find success.
Glenn Haussman, Editor in Chief, Hotel Interactive

Working at a five-star property, I strongly believe that going back to the core of service excellence is the key to guest satisfaction. This book reinforces the roots of hospitality, which we always need as a foundation for success.
Jean-Jacques Etcheberrigaray, General Manager, Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu

Larry has done it again! He takes on all areas and challenges of hoteliers with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. His short stories on subjects we care about give us the opportunity to consider how we might improve our business…and enjoy doing it!
Gordon Carncross, Principal and Co-Owner, G7 Hospitality Group

Larry really gets it! In Hotel Llama, you will discover that service, the essence of true hospitality, is well researched and thoroughly explained. I recommend this book for everyone in the hotel industry who wants to learn more about how they can better their craft.
Kuno Fasel, Chief Operating Officer, COMO Hotels & Resorts

Once again, Maestro Mogelonsky has composed a ‘symphony’ on Hotel 101. This is a must read for young and older hoteliers alike. Mogelonsky’s section on ‘ignoring verbal channels’ rather focusing on developing strong face-to-face, relationship-based communication skills is spot on.
(The Late) David Brudney, ISHC, Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Consultant

Here is another compelling bestseller that centers on the future of hospitality. As Larry has outlined so well, luxury hospitality is all about ‘how you make people feel’. This book drives that message home.
Janis Clapoff, Regional Director, Crystal Springs Resort

Hotel Llama gives you a resource that you can use while running your business. Larry has accumulated significant wisdom on everything from branding to social media. You need this book to enhance your skills.
Ed Fuller, President, Laguna Strategic Advisors

Larry Mogelonsky’s grasp of what matters most in our industry is impressive. He knows excellence when he sees it, and his naturally inquisitive nature leads the reader on a journey of discovery to find those places and people that truly excel. Above all, it is Larry’s desire to see us, as hotel operators, innovate and have fun.
Stephen Johnston, General Manager, Boston Harbor Hotel

Yet another essential read from Larry for new and veteran hospitality professionals. Much of what he has written in Hotel Llama has made me and those around me better hoteliers. That is what we can safely call ‘The Larry Legacy’.
Gordon James Gorman, General Manager, Avari Hotels

 I love the fact that Larry focuses the readers’ thoughts on the important things. There is so much ‘noise’ in the media about social media, OTAs and other trends that we have lost our focus on guests! This book elevates the reader up into the stratosphere, looking objectively at methods and priorities with which hospitality might best be delivered. I love the advise to ‘follow your skills and the passion will come’.
Stephen Darling, Partner, Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

As a proven thought leader in today’s modern world of hotels, inns and resorts, Larry Mogelonsky has done it again with a trilogy of hospitality intelligence, observation and sage advice. If ‘being just okay’ is good enough in your daily hotel operations and marketing efforts, do not pick up this book as you just might be compelled to make a few changes!
Allison Kneubuhl, President, Allimar Marketing

This book should be a mandatory reading for all hospitality curriculums. Insightful and incisive. All travelers are served by Larry’s contribution to hospitality industry.
Jason Liu, Owner, Timber Cove Inn and 1906 Lodge

Larry once again gives us an insightful and in-depth view of the hospitality sector. I’m always amazed at his ability to give us new perspectives and analyses of the industry.
Klaus Tenter, General Manager (Retired), Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Larry has a unique ability to present topics ranging from strategic to tactical and from visionary to hands-on practical. You will find perspectives that you will appreciate whether you are working the front desk or responsible for the whole brand.
Chuck Kelley, Principal and Co-Owner, G7 Hospitality Group

Larry is a true Janus, building on the foundation of sound management and marketing practices with a firm eye cast on the changing landscape of hospitality’s future. The array of topics is united by its contribution to achieving a ‘cardinal’ objective – delivering a pleasurable guest experience. Yet, only under the command of Larry’s deft hand and watchful eye can one be assured of a thought-provoking read. This is the mother-lode of practical advice and wisdom for insiders, students of business and industry admirers.
Charles McKee, Senior Vice President, Delta Hotels and Resorts

A brilliant follow-up, Hotel Llama is hands down one of the most relevant and timely books for the hospitality industry. Filled with a wealth of insights and ideas for hospitality leaders, the book is truly inspirational with its stimulating approach to complex challenges facing hoteliers. Whether you’re a chain or independent hotel operator, Hotel Llama will offer you clear and practical advice for finding solutions.
Robert Mercure, General Manager, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

In Hotel Llama, Larry sets out the vision for perfection in a lean, mean hotel machine! This book is a tool for hotel operators to think outside the box and compete in today’s ever-changing environment.
Anil Taneja, Chief Executive Officer, Palm Holdings

Larry manages to marry two essential concepts: challenging the status quo approach to hotel management by introducing thought-provoking concepts; and continuing the time-honored focus on servicing the client as the core to success.
Celso Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hotel X Toronto