Llamas Rule. Essays in Hospitality Marketing & Management

Written by one of the world’s most published authors in the field of hospitality, Llamas Rule is a 504-page anthology book designed for hotel managers or aspiring hoteliers. Following Larry Mogelonsky’s first in the series, Are You an Ostrich or a Llama? this book serves as a platform for discussion on current issues relating to the performance of hotels and resorts.

Readers of Larry’s newsletter will be familiar with some of the content of Llamas Rule, as many of the articles have been published in this newsletter. However, the text categorizes these articles into sections such as Food & Beverage, Operations, Traditional Marketing, etc., thereby allowing the reader to focus on a specific area of interest.

The book is an ideal training manual for students of hospitality, and those who wish to learn more about the industry, with easy-to-implement ideas and commentary on today’s hotel challenges.

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Book Reviews of Llama Rules

“Entertaining and insightful. An enjoyable, practical read for aspiring hoteliers and those passionate about our beloved industry.”
Alan Fuerstman, President & CEO, Montage Hotels & Resorts

“Larry Mogelonsky has been one of the leaders in observing and guiding the hospitality and tourism industry. Once again he has provided a detailed guideline to marketing and operations which could provide you with a competitive advantage. While observing a group of ostriches in Tanzania, I also learned that competitive advantage is everything. You don’t want to not be in the back of the pack as you just might end up as a lion’s (competitor’s) dinner.”
Ed Fuller, President, Laguna Strategic Advisors

“Based on years of keen observation and analysis of hotel operations along with his marketing expertise, Larry provides poignant insights into the hospitality business. An engaging read, this comprehensive book should be read by all hoteliers and those planning a career in the industry.” Klaus Tenter, Former General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

“A great book to remind you how times are changing and how, as hoteliers, we aren’t keeping up! Larry puts the market into perspective, focusing our minds to areas we need to reinvest some time. Just when I was running out of ideas on how to improve our hotel’s operations, Larry gave me a whole new shopping basket! Well done, Larry. I would highly recommend this book to hotel operators everywhere who are looking for ways to improve their market share.”
Anil Tenaja, Chief Executive Officer, Palm Holdings

“This book unlocked my mind and made me reflect as a typical ‘Homo Hotelus’. It is a must for anyone in the hospitality business who wants to keep a creative, innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style. It is fun to read and easily understandable regardless of age or years of experience. This book compels me to reevaluate how I engage guests, employees and owners to ensure that every one of them feels like a VIP.”
Cornelia Kausch, President, CK Hospitality Advisors

“Larry may claim to be a true hotelier, but his spot on observations and insights come from his Procter & Gamble and Frito Lay marketing foundation. Hoteliers around the world should heed his warning that despite all of the technological advancements and application in our industry today, it is the face-to-face interaction between hotel staff and guests that humanize our brands, thereby creating the loyalty and long-term growth we all seek.”
(The late) David Brudney, Principal, David Brudney & Associates

“Larry has done it again! He calls his new book a collection of essays in hospitality marketing and management, but it’s much more than that. It’s a many-credit-hours course for these subjects. From the hilarious introduction detailing his first ever meeting to the purely excellent advice on how to manage a property’s involvement with the OTA channels, “Llamas Rule” is another wonderful collection of sound advice for any hotelier, and definitely required reading!”
William J. Callnin, Chairman & Managing Director, Cayuga Hospitality Advisors