There are probably very few situations that our consulting team has not encountered and delivered an exceptional hotel operations/marketing solution. Here are just some of the examples:

A new product launch into a very competitive marketplace, what is the best ROI on my asset spend?

Exploitation of electronic marketing opportunities: Internet, social media and electronic communications, SEM/SEO: in-house or outsource?

What’s new in technology, and how can I get the best return from my investment?

I’ve got my architect’s plan for the hotel…but I need someone to see if makes sense. Can you help?

What is my sales and marketing department doing?  Why does everything seem so complex?

Should I build? Should I re-flag, and if so, with whom? Should I de-flag the property?

Is my guest service offering meeting expectation? If not, what can we tweak?

I think my website is in need of a refresh. Should I fix it, or scrap it? How much should I pay?

Is a sponsorship a good idea?

Is my external communications agency (digital or traditional) doing a good job? If not, can you fix it?

Brainstorming and related techniques…what can we do to boost sales?

My staff is tired. I am tired. Can we get a recharge?

Staff training at a senior level?

What should I do to revitalize my team and my property in the face of new competition?

Am I in the right business? Help me position the property to sell the asset.