Hospitality/ tourism is but one area where we have demonstrated capabilities. Outside of hospitality we have played a role in the strategic and communications development for the following clients:

BCRSP (Toronto, ON)
Bladder Cancer Canada (Toronto, ON)
Catholic Principals Council of Ontario (Toronto, ON)
Craft & Hobby Association (Elmwood Park, NJ)
CFIM (Toronto, ON)
Consumer Association of Canada (Delta, BC)
Edwards Garden Neighborhood Association (Toronto, ON)
French American Foundation (New York, NY)
General Insurance Ombudservice (Toronto, ON)
Jane Goodall Institute of Canada (Toronto, ON)
MIPI Alliance (San Francisco, CA)
Ombudservice for Life and Health Insurance (Toronto, ON)
Ontario Massage Therapists Association (Toronto, ON)
Pork Producers of Ontario (Guelph, ON)
Procter & Gamble Alumni Association of Canada (Toronto, ON)
Retired Teachers of Ontario (Toronto, ON)
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (New York, NY)
Toy Industry Association (New York, NY)
Travel Media Association of Canada (Toronto, ON)
Wings Club (New York, NY)
York Mills Rate Payers Association (Toronto, ON)

Baldas (snowshoes)
Beefeaters (dog food treats)
Crown Verity (barbeques)
Firestone (automotive centers)
Fonora (cleaning cloths and paper products)
Forminco (ergonomic furniture)
Frito-Lay/Ruffles/Lays (salty snacks)
Jig-a-Joe (fishing lures)
Konica Minolta (photocopiers)
Lise Watier (cosmetics)
Malivoire (winery)
Maple Lodge Farms (chicken products)
Nissan Auto Dealers (automotive)
Petro Canada (oil & gas)
Postfax/Centis/DuoTang (stationery items)
Procter & Gamble (personal care products)
Quality Meats/Mini-Grills/Pork n’Pull (packaged meats)
Redco Foods/Red Rose/Salada (tea)
Rolex (time pieces)
SICO (paint)
Valvoline (lubricants)

Alderwoods/Loewen Group (funeral services)
Allegiant Airlines (transportation)
American Express Company (service establishments group)
Arctic Combustion (industrial HVAC)
ARJ Financial (financial services)
Barry Cohen Homes (real estate)
Best of Bridge (book publishing)
BCS Group (magazine publishing)
Bon Secours Hospital (medical procedures)
Brightlights (management consulting)
CAPCO (personal, executive health and travel insurance)
Canada Home Income Plan (reverse mortgages)
Carnaval (Brazilian restaurant)
CIABT (educational services)
CP Rail (transportation services)
Creative Bag (packaging)
CSLS (productivity consulting)
Diamond Head Sprinklers (outdoor irrigation and lighting systems)
Dodd Media (print media sales)
Fettes Travel (travel agency)
Fox Lair Investigative Services (private investigator)
GR2 Consultants (human resources)
Ivanhoe Cambridge (real estate development)
Hundley Burn (accountants and wealth management)
Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse (restaurant)
LEED (clothing for the infirm/elderly)
Lifeware (retirement planning)
Loyalty Group (Airmiles)
Luminozity (consulting)
Paperman & Sons (funeral services)
Medevaq (specialized medical consulting)
Medimabs (medical research)
Mother Parkers (coffee services)
National Waste (waste collection and treatment systems)
Nordstrom (fragrance retailing department)
O&Y Enterprise (commercial real estate)
Optimbuy (purchasing)
Optime (sales consulting)
Paperman & Sons (funeral arrangements)
PSB (chartered accounting)
PYA (management consulting)
Radio Beacon (warehouse management software)
Richer Systems Group (transportation software)
Sinclair Cockburn Financial Services (financial planning)
Straticom (designers)
Superdogs and Spot On Entertainment (live entertainment)
Steelman (production management software)
Textile Waste and Fonora (cloth recycling)
Tridel (real estate development)
Western Crating International (packaging services)
Winsol/BCSL (financial software)
Zareinu (childhood education)