The following topics are available for presentation. All are subject to necessary modification to meet your specific audience and geographic requirements.

An Optimistic Approach to the Age of the Sharing Economy
200+ visuals; approximately 60 minutes
Identifying the essential steps hotels must take to protect themselves from the impact of Airbnb and other sharing economy products. The focus of the presentation is on improvements necessary to keep competitive.

The Future of Hospitality

120+ visuals, approximately 40 minutes plus Q&A
Examines the state of the hospitality industry and focuses on ten topics on particular importance, ranging from new emerging market segments to blockchain.

In Search of Hotel Excellence
175+ visuals; approximately 50 minutes (45 minutes plus Q&A)
What makes a great hotel with numerous examples real world of hospitality excellence gleaned from world-wide travel.

Hotel-OTA Relationship
110+ visuals; approximately 40 minutes (35 minutes plus Q&A)
Understanding how to move your web-generated business from OTAs to

Guest Service: Technology’s Final Frontier
50+ visuals, approximately 20 minutes (15 minutes plus Q&A)
Addresses technology requirements for hotels in today’s marketplace.

Technology for Your Housekeeping Department
50+ visuals, approximately 20 minutes (15 minutes plus Q&A)
Addresses technology designed specifically for the housekeeping department.

Ten Innovations You Can Use Today
100+ visuals, approximately 45 minutes (35 minutes plus Q&A)
Ideas for hoteliers to use to improve their business through innovation.

Tactical Magic for Your Group Sales Team
75+ visuals, approximately 30 minutes plus Q&A
How to build hotel group sales campaigns and execute them for maximum impact.

Custom Developed Presentations
A presentation can be built specifically for your needs and target audience.